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Running Ghost on Docker for Your Developer Blog
Ghost is an open source Node.js blogging platform. It’s simple to get started, and offers a paid hosting option. In this article, we’ll show the reader how to install and use Ghost inside a Docker container so that you can host and share the deployment with ease.
Ghost VS Code extension
The official Ghost VS Code extension helps make Ghost theme editing and creation as easy as possible.
How to add Image Lightbox to Ghost Themes
How to Add Image Lightbox to Ghost Themes. Setup Lightbox Gallery for images within a post using minimal Javascript and CSS. Ghost CMS Image Lightbox.
How to add social media icons to your Ghost theme
Expand your social media presence by adding all of your social media network icons to your Ghost theme.
How to build on top of the Casper theme in Ghost
This blog runs on the Ghost platform, and I’ve done a bit of customization to the styling. Nothing major. I was mildly surprised when I ran a ghost update the other day and suddenly my custom themes and scripts were just gone! Luckily I use DigitalOcean (a great provider, if
Disable infinite scroll in Ghost’s Casper theme
How replace the infinite scroll with a pagination control in Ghost’s Casper theme.
How to Add Bullet Points in Ghost (The Easy Way)
Adding bullet points to your Ghost blog posts is a great way to break up your content and make it easier for your readers to digest. Attention spans, especially with younger readers are lower than ever, so delivering actionable content in bite-sized chunks is very important. Contrary to popular be…