WWDC 2022 Wishlist

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Image of Memoji in a row behind a MacBook

This is a collection of some improvements that I am hoping to see as part of WWDC 2022. Some are more likely than others, but they’re all things I wish to be undertaken by Apple…


  • Fix autoplay while in CarPlay
    • If I have my music/podcast paused and I try to browse anything (while parked) that has media on it, the music/podcast auto-resumes
    • I can find no way to prevent it without killing the music/podcast app
    • It is the bane of my existence 😁
  • Messages Spam Filter
  • Universal notifications – notifications clear from all devices when read on one (Thanks to Juli Clover)
  • Share “some” parts of Home app with other family members
    • My kids don’t need access to everything
  • Interactive Widgets
    • Update widget details more often (Fitness is always way behind for me)
  • Control Center API for third-party apps
  • Photos
    • Family library
    • Allow for viewing/editing keywords
  • Emoji zoom
    • Allow for a tap and hold to enlarge the emoji to make it easier to identify
  • Allow for scheduling of full subscribed calendar refresh
    • Currently, it seems to refresh haphazardly or not at all in iOS/iPadOS


  • Fix Time Machine when using a NAS
    • It will work for some random amount of time (a day to a few weeks) and then just stop with no useful error logging
    • Regular use of the NAS still works at this point, but Time Machine seems to become permanently broken without deleting the backup and starting over…

tvOS/Apple TV app

  • Every piece of video content should display whether it is 4K, HD, SD, HDR, etc. on the details page consistently
  • Allow for paid upgrades from HD to 4K
  • Stop showing content that is already owned as “un-purchased” when the content owner repackages it as “new” (see images below showing the store and library view of “Pulp Fiction”)
    • At minimum, show me that I own a “previous version” of the title
  • Metadata adjustment (title, genre, cover art)
    • Sometimes the metadata is just wrong, ugly or shows zero effort on the part of the content owner