Testing out Ulysses for posting

I’ve got the blog live, but how best to post “on-the-go”? I know a lot of people would just advocate for using a Mac, but I still have a desire to live that iPad life. It may still be a pipe dream, but I’m working toward that goal.

Well, for posting from the iPad, there are a variety of tools that could be involved and interestingly, they run the gamut of app sales strategies.

Version Control

Working Copy Icon Working Copy

I am trialing Working Copy by Anders Borum as a Git client for syncing my private repo to the iPad. It supports acting as a location within the Files app so that I can make the contents of the repo available to other apps. While Working Copy is a free app, it does require a $19.99 in-app purchase to activate their pro features including the critical ability to push changes to a remote repo. I will say I find the purchase rather ideal as when you pay for the year, you’ll get all new features during that time. At the end of the year, all of the features that have been added are yours to keep. I like this mechanism as it isn’t a subscription in that you have something to show for your money at the end of the day, but you’re still incentivized in supporting further development.

Setup Working Copy as a location in the Files app

Markdown Editors

From there, the two main choices, that I regularly see discussed for writing are Ulysses and iA Writer. I have heard positive reviews of both, but they’re sold in very different manners. Ulysses is a subscription service for $49.99/year and includes free downloads of apps on each platform while iA Writer costs $29.99 on each platform where it exists, but there is no on-going expense. Unfortunately, iA Writer offers no trial on iOS. Each app does have pros and cons as does their sales mechanism. At this point, I’m only focused on Ulysses as there’s no trial for iA Writer and I’m not yet ready to spend on non-trial software.

Ulysses Icon Ulysses

At the moment, I’m trialing Ulysses to see how it works and it’s what I used to write this entry. Ulysses seems focused less on Markdown and editing and more on the act of writing. This isn’t a bad thing, but I do wish I could view the pure Markdown version of the page. I’m not sure if there’s actual value in that but it’s what I come back to. Luckily, if I really want to see raw Markdown, I can just use the editor that is built in to Working Copy. Moving beyond that issue, the interface and experience in using Ulysses is rather top notch. It’s an extremely enjoyable experience to write in the app.

Integrations: Ulysses and Working Copy